UMM Lecturer Wins International Certified Ethical Hacker

Friday, April 10, 2020 20:53 WIB

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) always supports lecturers to improve their abilities and experience. One of them is Syaifuddin, S.Kom., M.Kom, a lecturer in Informatics Engineering Study Program who managed to get an international non-academic degree in ethical hackers through the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification program.
The title was obtained after passing the certification test on 27 March. Syaifuddin took the certification test through the training institute PT Siber Sekurindo Teknologi in collaboration with the EC-Council. CEH itself is a certificate issued by a consultant, the Council of E-Commerce (EC-Council) as a certification body in the field of cyber security.
"One of the certificates, which follows must be the ability to become a real hacker. But in the certification process is not a hacker, but learn the ways a hacker is doing the action. So we are taught like that, "said Syaifudin when interviewed on Saturday (28/3).
Previously, Syaifuddin already had a Cisco Certification Network Associate (CCNA) certificate obtained in 2006. The certificate was issued by Cisco Systems, a large IT company in the field of computer networking. Through CEH, the lecturer and Deputy Head of the Informatics Engineering Study Laboratory develops his expertise as a security analyst. The security analyst profession made him able to maintain the security of all information and data possessed by UMM.
"Incidentally I was given a mandate in the Informatics laboratory, there was installed a Honeypot sensor in collaboration with the Indonesia Honeynet Project (IHP) and found the fact that every day there are approximately 1 million attacks that go to the public IP have UMM," he explained.
Syaifuddin explained the process for the certification test was carried out online, due to the condition of Covid-19. Provision of material modules is done online for six days and on the seventh day is tested. Through the CEH module, Syaifuddin provides theoretical references to his students in the Network Security course. In this way students are able to practice directly and not just theory.
While still studying as a student of UMM Informatics Engineering Study Program, Syaifuddin also actively participated in the cyber community both inside and outside the city of Malang. Therefore, after becoming a lecturer, Syaifuddin actively gave direct tips in the form of techniques that were packaged through simulations, and motivated his students, "To Beat a Hacker, You Have to Think Like a Hacker".
Informatics engineering study program also provides a place for students who are interested in computer security through the KALIBER_UMM Community (the Linux and Cyber ​​Defense UMM Community).
In the future, Syaifuddin prepares for the CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator) certification test. Syaifuddin also hoped that later UMM would have a Cyber ​​Security Vocational that could work together with the EC-Council. With a greater portion of practice they are expected to have more skills that can be mastered. Because as a security analyst, certification is needed to demonstrate the ability to be recognized as a professional. (san / can)